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Clickers Travels International is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The company is a growing and reputable Agency in the Nigeria Travel Industry, Foreign Educational Services, Marketing/Commission Agency. It has been in Business for years but was incorporated in Nigeria as a Limited liability Company in  2013 as a vibrant provider of first class travel related services to Individuals and Corporate Bodies.

Our Services



We issue Airline Tickets to any part of the world from all International Airlines operating within and outside Nigeria. We are fully automated and linked to Amadeus On-line Global Distribution System (GDS) and SABRE.



We assist our clients to procure Visas and other Travel Documents to the following Countries:-United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Europe, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, India, Belize, Ecuador, Barbados,Dominica, Australia, Qatar, Iran, etc.

clickers hotel booking


Our services extends to arranging and making Hotel Reservations for our Clients. Remember, we put our client first.Our Reservations service extends to leading hotels all over the world.



Packaging of local and international tours is one of our major services. We try to encourage clients to participate in group tours as this will fire up serious interest in traveling and going for vacation on regular basis.

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Couple on a beach
View of Bogliasco. Bogliasco is a ancient fishing village in Ita

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