Our Services

We process Student Visa and admission to Colleges and Universities in the United States of America, Europe, Australia, Canada, St.Kitts & Nevis, Barbados,Belize, Fiji Island, Canada, Etc.


We assist our clients to procure Visas and other Travel Documents to the following Countries:-United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, India, Belize, Ecuador, Barbados, St.Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Australia, Qatar, Iran, CapeVerde, etc.


We issue Airline Tickets to any part of the world from all International Airlines operating within and outside Nigeria. We are fully automated and linked to Amadeus On-line Global Distribution System (GDS) and SABRE. The use of these computerized reservation systems enable us to make on-line reservations and book seats as they become available as well as give an immediate response to enquiries and issue Tickets.

We also purchase Local Tickets on behalf of our clients.


Packaging of local and international tours is one of our major services. We try to encourage clients to participate in group tours as this will fire up serious interest in traveling and going for vacation on regular basis. Also, we package Medical Tours for clients going for Medical Treatments.


We provide protocol services on demand with regard to Airport departure, customs and immigration formalities.


Our services extends to arranging and making Hotel Reservations for our Clients. Remember, we put our client first, With us on the ground you are assured that you get the most suitable accommodation and affordable Hotel and Our Reservations service extends to leading hotels all over the world.


The importance of Travel Health Insurance should never be underestimated, the importance of a good travel health insurance policy, especially when traveling overseas, and while there are plenty of cheap policies available at low prices. We strongly recommend and advise that you obtain a valid travel health insurance when traveling overseas. Policies are available to cover loss or damage to luggage, medical emergencies that your regular insurance might not cover when you are overseas, travel interruption, trip cancellation and unforeseen expenses if you have to cancel your trip. We are happy to announce to you that we offer  excellent travel insurance policy in conjunction with the insurance experts. Contact us for your travel insurance before you
embark on your travel overseas.



We want to provide the best experience to you