Visa Advisory

This department handles visa advisory service to a whole range of client viz – tourists, excursions, holidays group tour (corporate and governmental), education and immigration services. For all the above listed we part our expertise to ensure customer satifaction. The essential aspects of this service includes but not limited to the following:

Profiling of our clients :- The involves due inspection of all document provided by our clients. This is to ensure completeness and error free documentation.

We guide the client in filling of the forms :- relevant to the requirement of thr various embassies or consulates as provided by the enabling travel laws and regulations.

We guide the client in writing and exceptional cover letter to support the document provided.

We organize pre-interview briefs aimed at preparing our client for the real interview at embassies by visa officers. This pre-interview ensure confidence and emboldens kownledge towards their visa interview with the embassies or consulate.

Every other travel plan can be handled by us ensuring that whatever is your itenerary is kept absolutely on track and monitored by us.

This is the reason we say; We Got You Covered

NB: Please be absolutely cautioned, that we do not support, assist or cover and form of forgery in terms of documentation or other aspects of travel plan. We abhor falsehood and accept only sincerity. This is a core value of our operation at CLICKERS TRAVELS INTERNATIONAL

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